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Movie themes guitar tabs

I really enjoy making guitar arrangements from movie themes and creating the tabs for guitar but it also demands a lot of time, that's why I'm charging a small fee to download some of the tabs. Some tabs are free to download.

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Tab book vol1


Tab compilation book including 12 original song arrangements by Francisco Hope

57 pages (*Including covers and table of contents)
PDF File with thumbnails and direct links to each song (Size: 12,3mb)
Lead guitar tablature, notation and chords included

This book contains the following songs:
01 - 20th Century Fox Opening
02 - Mission Impossible (*Guitar solos not included)
03 - Game of Thrones (*Rhythm guitar included)
04 - Up is Down (Pirates of the Caribbean)
05 - The Rock (Based on the song Rockhouse Jail)
06 - The Throne Room (Star Wars)
07 - To Glory (Two steps from hell)
08 - Ghostbusters (*All solos included)
09 - The Walking Dead (Main theme)
10 - The Medallion Calls (Pirates of the Caribbean)
11 - The Black Pearl (Pirates of the Caribbean)
12 - He’s a pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)

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Price: €10

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Original songs tabs

Times by times I will post some guitar tabs for the songs I compose.
If you have any request to get the tab of any of my original songs just let me know!

Song name Format Pages Price Download
Travesía guitar tab (Acoustic Guitar) PDF 9 Free Download

Guitar lessons tabs

Song name Format Pages Price Download
Arpeggios and Tappings PDF 9 Free Download
Hammer-on and Pull-off PDF 9 Free Download