The early years

I was born in 1978 in Santiago, Chile, at world’s end!...and I lived there during the first quarter of my life.
I think everything started when I was 12 years old and I listened to the opening riff of “Two minutes to midnight” (Iron Maiden) played by my future guitar teacher, Felipe Gonzalez, who was in the same school but three years older than me. I didn’t know what was a distortion pedal or how to put the fingers on the fretboard but I knew I wanted to be able to produce that sound. Since then my interest for music grew up and a couple of years later I could afford my first guitar and start with lessons.

I had only one year of guitar lessons with Felipe who revealed to me great guitar secrets of Van Halen and Joe Satriani among others. After that, I carried on teaching myself and I never stopped.

Together with my cousin Christian Doebbel and school friend Willy Schachtebeck we formed our first band called Metal Force and started playing covers of Metallica and Iron Maiden. Later I played in a couple of cover bands at school, called Sucks and Stonehenge, specially songs of Megadeth, Pantera, and Iron Maiden.

The university student

I didn’t have the courage to make a music career after school so I decided to study Graphic Design because I like drawing.
During those years I didn’t have enough time to play a lot but anyway I joined a great guitar player from the same Campus called Jose Luis Santander and we formed a project under the name of Leprechaun’s Logarithm. This project was very technical and complex but lasted for about a year. Jose Luis carried on with it through the years and released a CD during 2008 under the name Leprechaun.

The piano man

During 1998 I started getting very interested in a band called Dream Theater and decided to start playing piano and keyboard. I took almost 5 years of piano lessons with teacher Juan Carlos Alvarado and learned a lot of music theory and history.

Somehow I became a keyboard player and I joined a band called Misty Eyes. We wanted to play progressive metal so we started covering many songs of Dream Theater including Under a Glass Moon and Metropolis. Soon we were playing many gigs and finally got into very big venues. I remember our top concert was the opening show for the band Stratovarius in front of a crowd of more than 3000 people. My journey as a composer started with Misty Eyes and we recorded an EP of four songs.
Although the band was very successful we split up due to musical differences and soon I started playing guitar again...

The southern-rocker

I decided to create my own rock band and soon Southern Howl was born. This time with my cousin Eric Malbran as lead singer and later including Pablo Stagnaro on drums and Rodrigo Pavez on bass we hit the stage as a southern rock band.

We composed many songs including “Naked without my guns” but never recorded a full album although we are still planning to make a full CD with all the Southern Howl tracks at some point.

Let's fly to England!

Since 1999, the first time I visited Europe, I had the idea to leave Chile at some point and take my music to the old continent, and finally, during the year of 2005 I moved to Brighton, UK, and started new music projects.

Tribal Blues Project started as an idea of mixing acoustic blues guitars with percussion. Later I started recording my solo project as an instrumental guitar player and bring to life my debut EP called “Guitar Anatomy Vol.1”.

Together with both projects my interest for soundtrack music grew up and the first result was a compilation of 6 tracks of different styles and moods under the name of “Sounds & Landscapes Vol. 1”.

The Youtuber

In 2012 I left the UK and moved to Spain, where I continued composing, recording and eventually playing live. But what really started to boost my career was my youtube project I've been developing since 2009, about covering famous film themes in a heavy guitar way and posting them in youtube.

Nowadays I continue creating youtube videos and also composing music for short films whenever I have the time, and who knows, maybe at some point I will be doing this as much as I'd like to!

Big hug for all of you that share a bit of your time by appreciating what I do, that's the best I can ask for!

Francisco Hope